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Our Solutions:

  • Risk Reporting for Small and Medium size banks
  • CCAR Xml Conversion Solutions
  • Retail Banking solutions
  • Risk Platform for Testing

Type of Risk:

Financial Risk - Derivatives tracking, exposure management, mark to market, and hedge

accounting for foreign exchange and interest rate hedging

Commodities - Supported by our integration with Nitai Financial, the leader in risk

management, nitai offers commodities deal tracking, valuations, and hedge accounting

Operational Risk - Financial controls, segregation of duties, business continuity, and

disaster recovery

Fraud & Cybercrime Prevention  - Extended application security, data security, and

structured work-flow for bank account management and payments

Liquidity Risk - Through extensive cash visibility, forecasting, and pooling, Nitai enables

treasurers to mobilize cash and deploy where it is needed most

Counter-party Risk  - Implementation and enforcement of counter-party limits alongside

counterparty exposure tracking

Risk Registers:

Identify, store and share Risk data in a consistent and methodological manner across the organization.

Risk Assessments

Automate the process of

capturing inherent,

residual and target

risk evaluations,

as well as other relevant

assessment data.

Key Risk Indicators

Scenario Analysis

Establish KRIs to provide an

early warning of potential

changes to risk exposure.

Define possible risk scenarios,

and capture the possible

impact, probability

and cost associated

with a risk event.

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